The Sixth Goddess

"In my opinion, "Den sjätte gudinnan" is Karin Alfredsson's best novel so far. The crime plot is well-constructed as well as enthralling, but more meaningful are both the depicted women's stories and Ellen Elg's attempts to understand the culture that is surrounding her. 

Alfredsson manages extraordinarily well to integrate the basic themes and plot, interpretations and reflections into an intense and deeply engaging overall picture. "Den sjätte gudinnan" depicts an almost unbearable reality, and in such a personal, natural and gripping manner. If there's another Swedish crime novel this year that manages to interpret a topic this urgent, I certainly haven't come across it.
John-Henri Holmberg, Sydsvenska Dagbladet


"De har gått in genom en liten öppning i muren och hälsat på många män. Enbart män."

”Ellen känner sig omtumlad av alla intryck. Männen i sina turbaner, de färggranna kvinnorna som alltid håller sig i bakgrunden.”