The Polish anger keeps on growing

It is extraordinary how a book – so far only published in Swedish – can be the cause of such outrage. If you search for my name together with the word “ksiazka” (book) on a Polish search engine, you will end up with more than 2000 hits.

These are ordinary newspapers and news sites that primarily refer to what the Polish news agency has sent them – as well as sites run by Catholic, right-wing, left-wing, LGBT-activists, women’s rights organisations etc.

Then there are also a large amount of blog entries, for or against a book that almost nobody could possibly have read.
Because it’s important to remember: in Poland there are many millions of people – most of them Catholics – that, like me, work towards free abortion and against the Vatican’s view on women, sexuality and “morale”.

I have obviously stirred up a hornet’s nest. It’s exciting. Debate is a positive thing. Yesterday I received a proposition from a Polish film producer who was interested in a film deal. He hasn’t read the book either, so I take that with a pinch of salt.
Something new is happening all the time.

I barely have any free time to work on my next book, the one that takes place in India and which I’m supposed to deliver a first draft of in a few weeks time. But I recently had a long conversation with an expert who is helping me describe how people poison an unwanted baby girl in a village in Northern India. Misery yet again.
That book is due to be published in August.


"Banden mellan Solidaritetsrörelsen och den katolska kyrkan är, och har alltid varit, starka."

"Johannes Paulus staty utanför hälsar vänligt på de sina, tänker Marek."