Polish anger concerning "9:37 PM"

My book about the situation in Poland has made some Polish Catholics very angry. A Polish woman living in Sweden, has written a critical review on a Polish/Swedish website. She thinks I should show more respect towards the Polish Pope, John Paul II. She is particularly upset about the cover, showing a cracked portrait of the pope.

This made the Polish News Agency take notice and they have conducted an interview with me. The news story is now spreading across Polish media and my agent is trying to get the book translated into Polish.

The reaction is not an absolute surprise – of course I realised that the cover, and the whole book, could upset people who are supporting the old fashioned “moral” views of the Catholic Church, and who look at John Paul II as a saint.

My aim has – of course - never been to hurt the feelings of individual Catholics.
I am of course sticking to my criticism against the Catholic Church and the Pope John Paul II, in the question about abortion and many other things, and I welcome the debate. Many millions of Poles agree with my standpoint, and I am glad to be able to give them support in their struggle for pro choice.