The Women on the Tenth Floor

’Everything of importance in this novel is true. Any similarities with reality are completely intentional’, the author writes in the preface of her books. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t made up, just that they are true.

Karin spends a lot of time doing research for her books, and as a journalist and someone who takes an active interest in global women’s issues, she already has a great amount of knowledge. Karin has dubbed her novels ’crime documentaries’, since she depicts such a harsh and merciless reality, far removed from the reality we know. The aim of her writing is to share her knowledge and make people aware of what’s going on – while at the same time providing the readers with an entertaining and thrilling story.

In The Women on the Tenth Floor, Ellen Elg - Swedish doctor and midwife is back. She has moved from Africa to Vietnam together with her husband and adopted daughter. Soon after starting her work on the maternity ward at the Hanoi hospital, she discovers that infants mysteriously disappear.

When she gets to know the young prostitute Sao Mai and her pimp, an older woman called Phuong, she learns a lot about the brutal reality many women in Vietnam face on a daily basis. Puong was a soldier in the ”American War”, during which she witnessed the atrocities of war and therefore no longer has any illusions about humans in general and men in particular. And perhaps she also knows something about the so called ”accident” involving Lasse Johansson the Swedish charity worker who died when he fell from the notorious tenth floor of the Hotel Continental …

First published by Damm, Sweden, 2008.
300 pages


"Det har varit ett litet kalas på Hai Ba Trung-gatan. Dödsdagen av knivförsäljarbrödernas far skulle uppmärksammas och Lieu bjöds in."

Hanoi från ett hustak

Korgar, hattar, fiskeredskap - gatuförsäljaren kan få balansproblem