9.37 PM

A boat is anchored in a Polish harbour. Despite extra surveillance it has been soiled with red paint. Under the cover of darkness a young man climbs aboard; he is a man with a mission…

Klockan 21:37 (9.37 PM) is Karin Alfredsson’s new crime novel in the series about doctor Ellen Elg. It is set in the fiercely Roman Catholic Poland where a miserable young woman is pregnant with a baby that could potentially ruin her life. Desperately she tries to free herself of the problem by taking ulcer medicine and jumping from great heights. However, nothing seems to be working. How do you get rid of an unwanted child in a land where abortion is forbidden?

Somewhere in the shadows lurks a crazed photographer. He takes pictures of the people that he finds immoral and publishes them on the Internet. The photographer does worse things to people, but he is sure to keep these actions under cover. There are many people willing to do the dirty work…

In the mean time, the Aurora strives towards a Polish harbour. Aboard the ship is Swedish doctor, Ellen Elg. Despite being on maternity leave she could not turn down the offer of joining the Dutch organisation which performs abortions in international waters. However, what may symbolise a light at the end of a dark tunnel to one person may mean extreme and intolerable provocation to another. The story unfolds as the characters come together in this intense and thrilling novel, which is Karin Alfredsson’s third in the series about Ellen Elg.

First published by Damm, Sweden, August 2009.
300 pages.


"Alla som arbetar på Aurora har uppmanats att hålla skärpt uppmärksamhet. Ellen såg visserligen ingen som följde efter henne till hamnen, men man vet aldrig."

"Andrzej Nowak var varvsarbetare och hade deltagit i strejken som ledde fram till bildandet av Solidaritet."

"Den lilla bussen med demonstranter har återvänt till Gdansk. Den stannar symboliskt i närheten av Birgitta-kyrkan, Solidaritets moderkyrka."